Printing gears

After deciding on a basic structure for how to use the dynamo, the internals and the mechanics inside the light was developed and chosen.

Instead of making our own gears from scratch, we found a planetary gear from which we 3D printed.

Gear as one part

Gear as one part

Which settings?
We choose the following settings for the print:


We tried switching the fill density, to see if a reduction would lead to a shorter print time. As you can se from the picture below, it didn’t reduce the time by much, which caused us to stick with the original setting.


After some initial problems with finding af printer that actually worked, a print was finalised. A second print was needed because we wanted a higher ratio for our gearbox. In this print we tried to print the gearbox as seperate parts, which made it possible to only print the extra parts we needed, and not the intire structure one more time.


2 tanker om “Printing gears

  1. nice pictures – what was the gear ratio for this and how did you knew it would work for your application?

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