The house

The house (shell):

We have chosen a form that compliments the shape of the gear. This is mainly because of the print time and the amount of material. To use as little material as possible, the house is a soft triangular house with the length of 13 cm. In the one end, there’s a hole to witch the handle goes. In the other end, there’s a smaller hole for the light.

The reason why we’ve chosen the exact length for the house, is to meet the needs of different users, and to make sure that we include all handsizes.

The form is also ergonomic and comfortable to hold because of the round edges.

Furthermore, is it a consciuos choice to let the hand of the user be in a horisontal position, rather than a vertical, when the user is turning the handle. It is easier to have both hands in the same position, when turning the handle.

The thickness of the shell is 3 mm. It is the minimum thickness for the house to function optimal and without the risk of breaking.

The handle:

The handle has a size that makes it suitable for turning with a fast pace. It’s massive to make sure, that it won’t break when it’s in use.


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