Some choices behind our design

Our foam-cutter is intentionally a very simple construction, and the main reason for that, is that we’ve focused on having few components as possible.

We also want to have a construction that reflects our wish about simplicity and functionality. Even though the size of the constrution is big, it’s still composed of a very few sup-components and works as intended.

The size

The size of the construction is maximized as much as possible within af reasonable scale. We want our foam-cutter to be able to cut a piece of foam at the maximum size of 370 mm in the height, 350 mm in the width, and 1000 mm in the length.


Our construction is stabile given that it’s very difficult to tilt it because it’s so broad, and it’s hard to disturb it when it’s running.

Assembly proces and portability

The collection og the whole construction is also very easy. It is connected in a few points via screws, and can easily be removed. The different components are also light and can therefore be transported easily.

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