Joystick box done!


The box for the joystick is finally cut and held together by acetone. We collected the assemblies by holding them together with a hairelastic and injected the acetone on the sides and the corners of the box. In that way we avoided that the whole box got acetone all over it.

We have optimized the size to the minimal and thereof also the amount of material.

The box is rectangular and has air holes on the two long sides. This is to make sure that the  mechanics wont get overheated. Furthermore there are holes for the cables, the screen and the joystick itself. Our groupname and groupnumber are printed on the lower side of the box. This is a nice detail, which gives our box an individual touch without disrupting the userfriendliness.

Arduino Pro Micro caused us a lot of problems and therefor we decided not to go any further with it. Instead, we changed it to an ordinary Arduino board. Before we knew if we were going to use the micro Arduino, we made holes for screws to hold up the three AAA batteries  in one of the boxes (this is also shown on the picture above). When we realised we weren’t going to use the AAA-batteries after all, we removed the batteryholder and therefore there are two screwholes on one side of the box.